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Hospitality House

Annual Ladies Tea

Celebrating our 10th Annual Ladies Tea

As we gather for the 10th Annual Ladies Tea Luncheon, we are filled with gratitude and joy for your presence among us. Your attendance adds a speci...

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Ladies Tea

April 27 th


from 08:00 tt-09:30 tt

Northside Baptist Church Huntsville

Call from more information
(936) 291-6196

Hospitality House

Extend Year-End Hope

Please prayerfully consider an important year-end financial gift to assist Hospitality House with our annual funds. This will help us maintain and ...

House Happenings

Laura, a mom in her mid-seventies, was exhausted after traveling from the Panhandle all the way to Huntsville to visit her son she’d not seen in 8...


It's All In Your Head

My first semester as a student at Howard Payne U. proved to be a real “awakening” for me as I naively took “Intro. to Philosophy” at 8:00 am Monday...

Hospitality House

House Happenings

Annual Ladies Tea

Our 9th Annual Ladies Tea was a marvelous success! So many gorgeous ladies in beautiful hats, fabulous table décor, laughter filling the room, an a...

Urgent Needs

• Peanut Butter
• Strawberry or Grape Jelly
• Vienna Sausages
• Canned Ham or Spam

Hospitality House

Annual Ladies Tea

Celebrating our 9th Annual Ladies Tea

We had the most fabulous and gorgeous group of just over 300 women at our 9th Annual Ladies Tea Fundraiser April 22, 2023 held at Northside Baptist...