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The Hospitality House is a facility serving the physical and spiritual needs of prison families by providing temporary lodging and food. The strengthening of relationships provides hope and the ability to cope for each family. Debra McCammon is the Executive Director of the Hospitality House in Huntsville. She has held this position since November, 2009. Over the last few years she has had numerous opportunities to share the love of Christ with families who have been hurt and are victims of society. For over 30 years as a pastor's wife, Debra involved herself in various forms of mission work.

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Inmate Poem

by D.B.


Mend for me my broken soul,
Fill for me my empty bowl,
Sing to me of your saving grace,
Show to me thy angels face.
Spread for me your chosen path,
Spare of me thy vengeful wrath.
Wash for me away my sins,
This heart of mine for me please mend.

And for you my Lord I give my life,
To right the wrongs and end the strife.
I life my voice in praise of you,
And let your light come shining through.
Clear the darkness from my heart,
And I'll carry my load and do my part.
All of this I pray of thee,
Your humble servant on bended knee.

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